Если вы живете в дальнем зарубежье, здесь есть дополнительная инфомрация как принять участие.

  • Jewish name meaning "God resides with/in you"

  • Turkish name meaning "victorious"

  • Fairy land of immortals behind the Great Sea in J.R.R. Tolkien's world

  • Name of the creator and owner of this site: Eldar A. Musayev

Word of caution: this is a personal site. Though it is on Internet and not protected against public viewing, it is not specifically designed to satisfy everybody, who could browse to this place. It is designed for my friends and colleagues. Large parts of this site (marked with sign) are in Russian. Though I plan to limit this site by these two languages, you still may occasionally encounter fragments in German, French, Latin, Greek, or Hebrew.
"Between the candle and the star..."

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Reference pages:
Pages below are basically collections of links, some to this site, but mostly to interesting or useful external Internet resources.
MAT-MEX is the best! Links for graduates of St.Petersburg University, department of mathematics and mechanics (including graduates club).
Russian America Links for/on Russians in America

Site news:

December 2003 "Другие"
July 2003 Galina's resume update
March 2003 Ух! №16 в конце концов написан и положен на сайт. Не прошло и трех лет...
December 25, 2001 Finished redesign of front pages; removed obsolete pieces, like drivers license test; 
                                updated fragments all over the site. Key links are kept intact.
December 23-25, 2001 Reference pages above are added.
December 20, 2001 "Дождь" на странице со стихами "Россия"
December 15, 2001 "Не будите спящего медведя" Немного о перестройке...
November 28, 2001 Put original picture back. Started work a substantial update to the site.
March 24, 2001 "Дар менестреля" Окончательный вариант
March 24, 2001 Оглавление опубликованных на сайте произведений
March 24, 2001 Photo on this page was changed again.
October 21, 2000 Ух! №18 Редмонд - город хакеров
October 3, 2000 Ух! №19 А стоит ли ехать в Америку?
September 21, 2000 At last I changed my photo on this page from the old R.I.P.-style one
August 25, 2000 Ух! №17 Переезд семьи
August 19, 2000 "Дар менестреля" закончен! (разумеется, вычитка и редактирование еще впереди)
August 13, 2000 "Дар менестреля" Часть 3 Глава 6 (Только одна глава осталась до окончания!)
July 31, 2000 DV-2002 Green Card Lottery Announced
July 24, 2000 "Дар менестреля" Часть 3 Глава 5
July 19, 2000 Updated Galina's resume
July 17, 2000 "Дар менестреля" Часть 3 Главы 2-4
July 7, 2000 "Дар менестреля" Часть 3 Глава 1
July 4, 2000 Updated Galina's resume

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