One Feature for Future Operating System...

Long ago operating systems completely missed the idea of “installation”. Setup of each program was completely personal business of that program. Now they became a bit more wise than that, but still featuring that naive liberal-democratic way of how other people treat my hard drive. Which is one of the reasons for the spread of sexually-transmitted... pardon, Internet-downloaded software transmitted computer viruses.

If I’d be asked, I’d say that one feature I want from any future operating system is treating any program, wishing to install on my machine, as a feature, totally encapsulated, with operating system knowing each piece to keep or remove, when I am done with it, and which activates only when it’s needed, and which is deactivated afterward.

Say, SQL Server Personal Edition. On one hand, this is an amazing piece of freely available technology from the world #1 commercial software vendor. On another hand, 90% of the time I am waiting for this piece of crap to start up, when booting my computer, is a total waste, because I don’t actually need it this time.

Is it too much to ask?


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