Terry Goodkind Sword of Truth Series

Out of a couple of dozens books Terry Goodkind manufactured in the Sword of Truth series, I am currently on the eighth one. You see, I finally decided to fill the gap in my education and cover that New York Times bestseller. If you want the summary, it’s the first words of the Wizard’s First Rule: “People Are Stupid.” You will find there personages, you can feel for, but you won’t find any, you would like and who are not stupid. And I feel you have to comply with the rule to read it as far as I did.

Краткая история пути к 64-м битам

Попалась такая вот статья в Communications of ACM - The long Road To 64 Bits.

Эта земля - их земля (обзор книги)

This Land is Your Their Land: Reports From a Divided Nation by Barbara Ehrenreich – Metropolitan Book, 2008, 235 p. ISBN 0-8050-8840-7

Айн Ренд и ее философия

Последние две недели почти все мое свободное время уходило на чтение книжки Айн Ренд «Atlas shrugged» На русский э

Предвзяты ли люди в использовании поисковиков?

Такой вот заумный вопрос я прочитал в заголовке статьи Communications of the ACM за февраль 2008-го.


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